What horror stories are you telling yourself?

Which events in your past have you still not forgiven yourself for?

What perception of yourself are you carrying around like a shadow?

Sorry for all the questions, but genuinely I’d love to know?

You see, the sorts of things I mentioned above, really start to weigh you down and hold you back, don’t they?

But I’m here to tell you:

There’s no shame in carting them about with you.

We all do it.

All the time.

What if I told you it didn’t have to be like this?

What if I showed you how you could be free from these feelings and emotions, so you could move forward, unhindered by your past.

How would that feel?

How would life look then?

Go on, just let yourself feel that for a minute.

Feels good huh?

If you’d like to have a free 30-minute chat about it, you can book in here


Testimonials From Clients who presented with issues linked to anxiety

Really helped me with my anxiety, instantly felt the anxiety leave my body, thank you so much I feel so much more focused & positive now.

Claire Scannell

I have had two sessions one to help with my anxiety and I had session of Interactive Lucid Dreaming which was the most amazing calming experience and I went to 3 lovely places where I can go back to when I need to calm down and breath.  I feel calmer after a week and more at peace. Thank you

Julie Smith

Having recently experienced healing with Enda I would highly recommend it to anyone.  My physical symptoms disappeared instantly and many positive changes occurred in the following weeks. Enda has a very kind and understanding approach which was important to me at a time of great vulnerability.

Val McNamara

Anxiety and Depression Sessions can be held over Zoom (online Video) or in-person at Frinton-On-Sea, Essex.