Addictions seem to be the most normal thing.

Part of the consumer lifestyle we are programmed with.

Society turns a blind eye to the anxiety and depression,

 . . . that go hand in hand with addictions.

You may have struggled with addictions for way too long.  

Quitting one substance, to see it transfer to another.  

Moving from one obsession to the next.

When you’re not working, you prefer to be alone. 

Which isn’t exactly helping much.

The pressure of having to keep your career going, is massively stressful.

You want to leave your addictions in the past, 

. . . but find that ‘outside help’ hasn’t actually helped.  

You may feel that many services are way out of touch with your reality.

Worse still, you may feel somewhat judged by them.

What if you could: 

 Erase the underlying issues that drive your addictions   

 Completely and permanently remove the root of your dependencies  

 Reset your mind so that addiction is a thing of the past  

 Form new, healthy patterns of behaviour, meaning you’d be liberated 


Imagine what your life would be like then.

Imagine the freedom you would have . . .

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 You owe it to yourself and those who depend on you, to take your power back.




Testimonial From a Client in my Addictions Programme, Adapted for Self-Sabotage

Hi, Lawrence here, all the way from Dublin, Ireland. I just wanted to give a quick testimonial to say how Enda has helped me so much with changing my whole life and business.

A little backstory about me: I went through a bad breakup about six years ago. And before that, anything I touched, turned to gold.

But since my breakup, I’ve had a serious blockage in my life, and the universe was not giving me what I wanted, or what I needed.

I turned to Enda to see if his hypnotherapy could help me unblock all the bad energy and I taken in, and fill my life with new light and new energy.

And after my first session, I straight away started seeing the changes in my life and businesses.

I booked initially for five sessions and I’ve completed three sessions now, after four weeks. And I’ve noted the changes tremendously.

In the last month alone, I purchased a new Jeep. I put a deposit down on a house, with my girlfriend. And the amount of inbound calls coming in for our businesses is just unbelievable. It’s just mind-blowing.

For things to turn around so quickly, is definitely down to Enda. Because he reset my mind, my spirit and my soul. And I’m convinced about that.

My return on investment has probably 20x or 30x the amount of what I invested into his program.

So if you’re a business owner, entrepreneur or a high-level executive, and you’re feeling the pressures from work or even from home, you need to do this program.

It’s going to completely change your life and reset everything for you. If it worked for me, it can definitely work for you as well, I’m convinced about that.

So don’t think about it. Just do it. And notice the changes yourself. Thanks.

Lawrence Parnis

Addiction Sessions can be held over Zoom (online Video) or in-person at Frinton-On-Sea, Essex.