The day I got my official Autistic diagnosis, I started using Hypnotic Therapy to rid myself of the anxiety and depression I had carried for decades. 

The very first hypnotic audio I listened to, allowed me to release emotions that were doing me no favours. 

Torrents of repressed blame, shame, guilt, remorse, fear, anger and rage, simply flooded out of me. 

After that, I walked my dog on the beach for three hours and watched the sun go down, feeling like a changed man.⁣

I had self-diagnosed two years earlier, after finally picking up on the obvious similarities I share with my now 10 year old son, when he was diagnosed as Autistic / ADHDer some years before. 

But now, the addictions, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, suicidal ideation and debilitating self-sabotage that I had suffered for decades, were dissipating. 

And the residual drivers of these symptoms, linked to prenatal and birth trauma, followed suit, soon afterwards.⁣

Completely sold on Hypnosis, I trained up and moved on to specialise in Addictions, a topic writ large in my life story as an ex-alcoholic, smoker and addict, quite typical for those ‘on the Spectrum’ and ‘in the music industry’. . . 

Finding that I was naturally predisposed to helping others resolve deep seated issues was quite a surprise. 

I had no idea that I could serve others in this way, and it felt like I had found what I was always meant to be doing.⁣

I’ve been able to transform myself under self-hypnosis, along with the many therapy sessions swapped amongst a large group of fellow practitioners. 

And being able to deliver the hours of therapy to my son, alone, has been invaluable, not to mention side-splittingly hilarious.

Although the work we do together has a recreational feel to it, it always yields a raft of healing benefits. 

Both of us suffered from autism-related anxiety and were using CBD Oil until we replaced it with hypnotic therapy.⁣

With clients, I love being able to step in and deliver hugely valuable outcomes, in defiance to the potentially grave alternatives.

And doing it in such a way that is actually enjoyable for the client gives me and them a massive buzz, it must be said!⁣

The work feels light to me, energetically, and it’s all kinds of exciting. It’s highly intuitive, creative work and I’m very good at it.

So that’s a brief run-down as to what I do and why.

The biggest reason of all, is that I’d like to make sure that my son has all the tools he requires, in order to self-sufficiently thrive…

And not fall into the same traps as I did, in earlier life, with zero tools or clues! 

I can be the person I needed to have around, when I was in addiction crisis myself, if needs be. 

And in the meantime, I help musicians to get back on track, so they can make their own positive impacts on our planet, and keep making that sweet, sweet music . . .