If you’re suffering from anxiety, depression, PTSD and associated issues, such as addictive, obsessive, compulsive behaviours, and nothing you have tried has worked or helped… 

… then you’re at the right place, because the results available here are no less than phenomenal.

Many of my clients had suffered the ill-effects of antiquated therapies and inept practitioners, which affected them negatively:

1. The tools and techniques did not work, so the clients continued to suffer.

2. The practitioners re-traumatised the clients, INCREASING their suffering. 

3. The clients felt judged and ill-advised, which drove them away from a possible solution.

And as I have been working to reverse and compensate for issues, like the ones above, rest assured that you will get:

1. Safe, effective tools and techniques, requiring NO revisitation of old trauma

2. A highly aware, skilled and sensitive practitioner, focused solely on YOU.

3. Zero judgement.  I have been where you are now: anxious, depressed, traumatised, addicted, and very close to the edge.

I’ve helped to bring clients back from the void, and prevented others from going there.

And I can help you too…

Quirky-funny, musical and highly creative, an autistic father to an autistic son, hypnotist, coach and an excellent humanoid to help with your mental health…

… I am Enda Quealy, and you are right to think I have the solutions for you. 

My style is direct, with no nonsense taken or given.  I laugh and joke. A LOT.

So before reading any further, please remove all twee notions of mild-mannered, cardigan-wearing hypnotherapists in beige rooms, from your mind.

Because if you are open-minded, unshackled by dogmatic beliefs and you like to laugh and smile.. 

…whatever your issue, we will get on famously. 

And if you are NOT prepared to commit to my process and are unwilling to invest IN YOURSELF, in order to actualise a happier, healthier, safer life and living, then please don’t waste my time.

However, if you ARE serious about helping yourself, by implementing healthy changes to your life and living, that complement the work we do together…  

…and you appreciate my candour, you may want me to facilitate you making major changes to your life and living. 

Because I AM the difference you’ve been looking for.

And I am happy to work with you, IF you are ready and willing to do anything, to turn your life around.

If this is you, I’m happy to talk, just send me a message via the red bot.

Warmest Regards, Enda.