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Anxiety & Depression

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The day I got my official Autistic diagnosis, I started using Hypnotic Therapy to rid myself of the anxiety and depression I had carried for decades. 

The very first hypnotic audio I listened to, allowed me to release emotions that were doing me no favours. 

Torrents of repressed blame, shame, guilt, remorse, fear, anger and rage, simply flooded out of me. 

After that, I walked my dog on the beach for three hours and watched the sun go down, feeling like a changed man. 

And ever since that day, I have been obsessed with all things Subconscious.

Because the work I do not only improves my clients’ lives, it also improves my life, and my  10-year old Autistic son’s life in every way imaginable (and then some 😉 ).


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Do you have doubts about the effectiveness of Hypnosis?  Are you living with an Addiction, a self-limiting belief or behaviour that could be linked to Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Fear, or Phobias, Insomnia, Low Self-Confidence, Post Traumatic Stress or Chronic Pain?

Discover how Mind Mediation,  Dreamscaping, Rapid Pain Elimination Therapy & Complete Mind Therapy can eliminate the most debilitating of issues, with this free, no-obligation introduction to Hypnosis.  We can explore all kinds of addictions, self-imposed limitations, emotional pain and chronic physical pain.

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